Just because you pass your driver’s test, it doesn’t make you a great driver, does it? When it comes to something as vital to the life of your business, Salesforce certified does not mean your consultant understands or is qualified to get behind the wheel of your business!

With countless guides online on “How to pass five Salesforce certifications without knowing how to write code” as well as “Tips and tricks to pass the salesforce admin exam”, can you trust that your business is in the hands of a qualified specialist?

Does your consultant or advisor understand your business?

The first step to understanding if your Salesforce representative is the right person for you, is if they understand what you need? Do they understand your business needs or are they simply an IT consultant that understands how to make Salesforce look like its working?

There are thousands of layers, variations, combinations and integrations to salesforce some of which will add huge value to your business, others may hinder you or add simply more time to processes that are already underway.

A qualified operator will take the time to learn your business, learn your needs, learn the needs of your team and integrate these into a system that is as cost-effective as possible – not simply another upsell.

How to pick the certified from the qualified

A qualified coder who specialises in Salesforce will not only understand Salesforce but what makes it work. They can customise code and solutions to meet your specific needs, while they should also be able to work with ‘out of the box’ solutions, reshaping them in a cost-effective way to give businesses on a budget a solution.

Qualified specialists will have experience not only implementing systems but working within companies as the dedicated Salesforce consultant, providing solutions that are customer led by design, not just by ‘add-on’.

Finally, a qualified specialist will make you and your company money, whereas a certified specialist simply took a course. You could send your CEO or intern to sit the very same course and become ‘certified’, would you feel they were the right people to implement the most important sales management & CRM tool to your business?

What to do when you are not satisfied with the results

Have you had Salesforce installed, integrated, you have received a bill – a large one – and you are not sure if you got what you have paid for, let alone asked for? The key is to not wait around for answers and explanations from your ‘certified’ consultants but have a qualified third party review the system for you.

With companies such as Makwacon consulting and advisory services offering you a free first consultation, plus hourly, daily and ongoing rates for Salesforce customers looking for qualified, experienced, certified and expert Salesforce coders and operators, the choice is simple – get a second opinion that is independent and provided by a trusted and experienced Salesforce certificated specialist.

Are you ready to find out how we can help maximise your business efficiency through integrated Salesforce support? Speak with the team from Makwacon today.

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