Business with any system will admit they are not utilising every element of a particular technology they are using. Honestly, are you using all the functionality in MS Word? Most users would not be using even 10% of what most technology can do, and there is a simple reason – they don’t need to.

When it comes to integrated SaaS and business systems such as Salesforce, it is important to understand there is a crucial difference. In many instances, systems such as Salesforce have been specially designed for your organisation, for your reporting needs and more importantly for your bottom line.

When it comes to Salesforce in your organisation, are you underutilising the technology you have available? If so, what can you do about it?


Firstly, you may have had Salesforce implemented within your company for a while now, so much so that it is simply part of the furniture – as it may be. There may have been some staff come and go and with them some of the IP, capabilities or understanding of what you are paying for and what your system can actually do.

If you are in this boat, don’t spend thousands upon thousands with a Salesforce business partner that will be more than happy to charge you for their time to upsell you into new and wonderful systems you may or may not need. It is paramount you get an external business advisory service in, someone who is an expert in Salesforce, how it can work for your business and who can provide you with a business case on what the current system has the capabilities to do before you start anything.


Once you understand what your system can do, and you have configured any missing pieces of the puzzle or cut out anything unnecessary, it is time to train your team up. Sure time out of the trade is costing you money, but the ROI on a day or two training on salesforce by skilled operators who understand your business needs has been proven time and time again to deliver 10-fold – Salesforce is not the #1 CRM across the world for no reason.


With your team re-trained, refreshed and re-energised, your system is ready to support the future growth you have envisaged Salesforce providing in the first place. However to ensure your system grows with your business as you do, your team are continually re-trained, updated and are industry leaders in Salesforce proficiency and to ensure you have little to no downtime of your system when it counts the most, having ongoing support that you can trust to get the job done is vital to the utilisation of all that Salesforce has to offer.

In many cases, Salesforce support staff in Business Partners are people who know how to talk to computers, but not your business. Just because a system may ‘work’, it needs to ‘work for you’, Makwacon as an independent boutique Salesforce advisory firm provide just that to our valued clients.

At Makwacon, we’re a consulting and advisory service that has worked with and within some of Australia’s largest Salesforce users – as well of many first time SME’s and start-ups – to ensure our clients get value for money, fit for purpose and systems that grow as their business does. Contact the team today for a free, onsite consultation to get your Salesforce moving again.

Are you ready to drive your business to new heights through innovative Salesforce technology? Get in touch with Makwacon today to explore our holistic suite of offers that work to streamline your systems and build value for your business.

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