Salesforce as a CRM tool is the world’s #1 for CRM applications based on the IDC 2007 market share revenue report.

As a CRM tool, Salesforce offers a range of industry-specific services, sales, service, marketing, community and productivity applications plus thousands of integrations. The CRM can be customised or used out of the box for just about any purpose.

However, as the excitement of the purchase fades, new (and existing) users begin entering data, using the system and getting on with their roles & responsibilities as they were before.

The system, which through Salesforce business partners, can cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to create, customise and integrated sits by idle, as users simply fail to adopt the programs.

What leads to poor Salesforce user adoption?

A Salesforce system is only as good as two key elements, the data that is entered in, and the knowledge & understanding of users to extract and analyse the key output data into usable information.

One of the key issues with Salesforce clients is that changing from other CRM or sales based systems to Salesforce can often be a learning curve, leading to reduced sales results through integration periods, loss of commissions and bonuses and frustration all around – end users simply don’t adopt it.

Secondary, is when the Salesforce business partners, who profit from the sale and setup of the systems ‘leave the building’, there is often very little after sales service, ongoing support or additional training of users as the cracks start to show 1, 3, 6 even 12 months prior to integration. For the money spent by many companies to install, set up, customise and then monthly subscriptions, they are hesitant to invest more in something that has yet to see any results.

Thirdly, you may have the best ‘on the ground’ sales team, entering in all the data, answering all user surveys, placing orders and signing new deals day after day, but if the managers or IT department who are charged with reporting, analysing and processing this valuable information are not well versed on how to use that information, then it frankly is not worth the paper it is written on.

An example of poor user adoption in action

A capital firm based in Melbourne, Australia were sold Salesforce and passed onto a ‘Salesforce Gold Partner’ who ending up charging over $20,000 for customised reporting, solutions and set-up, on face value things looked great. Except for one thing, the client only had one sales representative and really only needed a Salesforce Small Business Solution with some slight customisation, not a fully coded enterprise solution.

After speaking with the Business Partner, they were advised their training period had expired and it would be many thousands more to get a better understanding – mind you, the client had not one face to face training session.

Move forward almost 12-months, that customer is paying their monthly $2500 and about to exit using Salesforce all together, dismayed at the lack of service and how ‘unfit for purpose’ the Salesforce solution was.

The fact is Salesforce is an amazing product, just like a fighter jet when used correctly, but it is no good trying to learn to fly a fighter jet with no training, support or ongoing calibration.

What to do now to boost your Salesforce results?

You may be about to purchase Salesforce, you may have already integrated it into your business and are doing great, or like our Melbourne capital firm above, you may be stretching your head about exactly what to do, where to go and how to get the most out of your service.

Salesforce Business Partners are great; however, they also profit from upselling you more products, rather than working within your personal needs, budget and capabilities.

So, before you take a step forward into your Salesforce adventure, recalibration or reconfiguration speak to the independent advisory service that has not only the expertise, skills or background of implementing Salesforce into some of the country’s largest companies, but also understands your business needs and how to generate the best ROI for you and your business.

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