In a business world that is increasingly reaping the benefits from outsourcing, driving the gig economy and running ‘lean’ to maximise ROI, when it comes to IT administration and specifically the administration of one of the most powerful sales tools available to you and your team – Salesforce.

Sure, your in-house IT administrator team may be proficient in many areas – they need to be –between managing the massive workload to keep your regular systems online, active, accessible and functioning.

Even if you hire an ‘in-house’ Salesforce administrator, someone with rudimentary skills will start from around $120,000 per year + super + bonuses and it only grows from there. But how much would an entry-level programmer really know? Are they really experts? Are they at the cutting edge of everything there is to know in terms of functionality, coding, integrations and not only that but real-world business application and understanding of business and understanding of what your business really needs.

What are the benefits of a Salesforce advisory consultant for your business?

For a full-time staff member, you are looking at $150k, $200k or more for in-house specialists, who can only apply the knowledge they picked up along the way. For much less than this you can have a team of seasoned experts, experienced with coding, implementation and more importantly have implemented Salesforce solutions just like what you are requiring at a fraction of this cost.

As a business with important intellectual property, data that is time-critical and a business that makes game-changing decisions based on that information, Salesforce is one of the most important assets to your business. If you don’t use Salesforce to its full potential, maybe you are not getting all the business insights, knowledge and actionable intelligence that you should be getting?

How to compare apples with apples?

The first step if you are utilising Salesforce is to ask yourself, are we getting the most out of our systems? Are we getting real value and sales increases through our Salesforce programs? After all, you most certainly should be as Salesforce is a ‘profit centre’ and the ‘pointy end of the sales team’ – holding valuable information that your organisation can profit from.

Next, when it comes to having an internal Salesforce expert for $150k, maybe more, it comes down to simple economics, why pay a lot for one expert when you could pay less for a team of dedicated experts who are at the cutting edge of implementation.

Specialist independent advisors and consultants have often worked with some of the country’s largest and smallest Salesforce users, and have implemented solutions to problems you didn’t even know existed.

Getting the most from your Salesforce system

The next step is simple, why not have an obligation free, in-house consultation with an expert Salesforce advisory service partner? It won’t cost you anything to have a conversation, get some expert advice and see how far your solution could be taken, how many more efficiencies your business could gain and more importantly how much money your business could make.

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