The Salesforce CRM platform is a great way to maximize business efficiency and stay competitive. However, you need to partner with a Salesforce customer partner to take the lead. A Salesforce customer partner is different from a Salesforce partner. It is different because it goes beyond Salesforce support and maintenance to deliver value to your business.

The customer partner will work with you to deliver the best Salesforce solutions. The solutions are tailored for ease of adoption and the exact needs of your business. The innovative customer partner that provides these solutions can work across all industries. This includes business services, financial services, and higher education. Moreover, it can provide both Salesforce support and full marketing cloud support to its customers.

Working with a Salesforce customer partner

How a Salesforce Customer Partner Can Help Your Business


A customer partner can help your business to maximize its potential. This is because a customer partner can work with organizations of all sizes and types. The customer partner can help these organizations to maximize their investments in Salesforce. It can maximize Salesforce investments by creating customer-focused solutions to provide expert digital marketing solutions to customers. Additionally, it implements best practices across organizations and works to maximize the client’s business operations.

In addition to the above, the customer partner delivers solutions that help to meet and sometimes exceed an organization’s expectations. The Salesforce partner delivers a range of Salesforce solutions that are tailored according to the needs of the customer. Additionally, it provides the support businesses need to increase productivity and growth.

In short, customer partners can help any business to expand their Salesforce capabilities. This makes them the ideal strategic partner for all Salesforce customers including you. Following are some of the solutions provided by a Salesforce customer partner:

1.     Professional Services

Professional services make it easier for Salesforce customers to collaborate. They also make it easier for customers to streamline all aspects of their business. Additionally, they offer code builds, configuration builds, and integration services tailored to the needs of a business. The purpose of this is to help Salesforce customers achieve the best results.

The services are ideal for businesses that face communication issues or difficulty in controlling their projects. These businesses can benefit from the seamless Salesforce integration provided by these professional services. The seamless integration allows them to manage all of your projects on the same platform. Additionally, they can get unmatched visibility across sales, finance, and service delivery.

With integration services tailored to the needs of a business, you can improve resource management, project management, and sales collaboration. Moreover, you can get complete visibility into customer interactions, demand, project status, and more

Professional services can also provide your team access to mobile solutions to keep projects on time and your customers happy. In short, professional makes the most of Salesforce to manage your team, customers, projects, and financials.

2.     Implementation Services

The implementation services use the power of automation to create targeted marketed campaigns for Salesforce customers. They turn your goals into reality through these targeted campaigns. The implementation services execute your vision and implement Salesforce best practices within your organization. They also drive Salesforce adoption within your company.

The aim of these services is to help customers leverage the power of Salesforce to drive sales and marketing. The implementation services work with customers to assess their existing Salesforce environment. Next, they collaborate with the customer’s team to review the environment. Based on the review, they develop a plan to meet the customer’s objectives.

Implementation services look to deliver the above by implementing simple-to-use technology solutions. However, they provide powerful insights to help drive your business. They dig deep into the current processes of a business and find out the challenges the business is looking to solve. This allows them to define specific requirements and implement the best available solution.

3.     Advisory Services

Salesforce can help to transform your business operations, sales, and how you work with employees and partners. However, making the best use of Salesforce can be a challenge. People face all sorts of difficulties in their use of Salesforce. This includes full migrating to the system, integrating instances, making enhancements, or starting with fresh CRM strategy and adoption.

Salesforce is no longer just a CRM. Instead, you can use this platform for all aspects of your business. The Salesforce platform can address most of your business needs when it is implemented and used in the right way. This is because the platform has very broad with endless possibilities. If used in the right way, Salesforce can ensure a bright future for your business.

You can ensure this by partnering with a company that provides Salesforce advisory services. This will set your mind at ease as your Salesforce challenges will now be in the hands of capable people. The advisory services will help you to overcome these challenges. They will also help you to make the most of your Salesforce investment.

The advisory services help Salesforce customers to navigate through the platform. Additionally, they closely collaborate with them to recommend and plan the best solution for their unique needs. This creates a clear pathway for Salesforce customers to transform the platform for their business needs.


4.     Consultancy Services

Salesforce consulting services can help your business to transform how it manages products and partners and interacts with customers. The consultancy services provide services that cater to the specific needs of the customers. Additionally, it includes planning, building, and testing Salesforce CRM to ensure it meets those needs. They also provide the training and support needed to maximize the Salesforce investment.

Final Word

A Salesforce customer partner can provide businesses with an end-to-end Salesforce solution. The customer partner helps the Salesforce customers every step of the way by providing a range of services. The services include professional services, implementation services, advisory services, and consultancy services.

At Makwacon, a Salesforce Customer Partner, we provide all these services. We allow our clients to hand-pick and customize Salesforce solutions to help take their business to the next level.

The next step is simple, why not have an obligation free, in-house consultation with an expert Salesforce advisory service partner? It won’t cost you anything to have a conversation, get some expert advice and see how far your solution could be taken, how many more efficiencies your business could gain and more importantly how much money your business could make.

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